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@forgefed Hi ForgeFed team!

A few folks and I are also getting our hands into this field, and we realized we should not do repetitive work in parellel, especially not *two* specs or protocols. I'm really curious about your work, and how you got ActivityPub, a social network-oriented protocol, to suit your needs.

The next FOSDEM will take place on 1-2 February 2020 at our usual venue, Université Libre de Bruxelles (thanks ULB!).

See for venue location and other useful information. The site will be updated further in the coming months.

Matrix Telegram bridge

We're now hosting a bridge between our #Matrixserver and #Telegram.
While due to the way the bridging works, some advanced functionality like read receipts and typing notifications is only available for users on the #Feneashomeserver, most of the functionality is available to any Matrix user in the wide network. By hosting a public bridge we hope to help a bit with the weight #t2botis currently pulling.
More information and usage instructions in our forum:

Aah, what a pleasure to translate things with DeepL Translator 😇

The UX is just amazing and being able to adjust translations on-the-fly to fit *exactly* what is meant just blows my mind.

The ultimate regex playground, super helpful to piece together the more complex ones 👍

WP-OTP version 0.3.0 now allows a stealth code input 🕶️

Instead of showing a dedicated "OTP Code" input field when logging in, this allows to append the code to the password. This way there is no way of knowing if OTP is used on the site or not.

Another step towards privacy and keeping your WordPress site safe 🔒

Anybody here know of a good Kung Fu documentary?

Can be any style really, Wing Chun, Shaolin, whatever.

Just prefer something real and informative, if possible about the root and history of the art.

open source software development advice 

If you do a thing in an open source project, and you have a hard time doing it because it's not documented, after you finish doing the thing... document it. If the project has a wiki, put it in the wiki. If it has a docs repo you can write to, put it there. Or at least blog about it so search engines can index it.

Please don't leave the solution to languish in a chat log somewhere.

Have there been any discussions among the @forgefed working group(s) about how it might be possible to bridge what you're doing with what #SourceHut is doing? That would be awesome :)

I'm proposing a new version of a metadata document specification for servers in the #federated #web. This aims to collect the good and avoid the bad of the previous iterations, and to be flexible enough for a large part of the federated web to implement it.

Comments very much welcome, especially from #developers working on the federated web.

#fediverse #federation #decentralization #activitypub #diaspora #matrix #indieweb

> Hurray! You've been granted access to the Feneas admin team. Exciting!


psyche vs. food

2nd day of fasting almost over and only a handful of times was food on my mind.

No hunger feeling at all though, as usual.

Any others here that fast from time to time?
We do a weekly 36h fast and have started doing 3-day ones regularly.

Lets see how long this times one goes on for 😃

For people interested, here is an amazing resource:

⭐ PHP Telegram Bot 0.58.0 was released some days ago ⭐

For anybody updating, please be aware that the logging has been rewritten and it's now PSR-3 ready 💪

Happy coding / botting!

Be sure to check the changelog:


Free yourself, your friends or your community from Facebook when you want to organise and coordinate events with @mobilizon

Free software is free as in freedom, not as in free beer, which is why @Framasoft raises funds through a crowdfunding campaign. There are still 19 days to go to collect the tiny 4.5k€ left, and to fully fund the project.

Want to properly support open source as a company?

Then you really should have a look at Tidelift!

Got one of my projects supported and it really motivates maintainers to keep their packages up-to-date and top notch 👍

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