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#JoinMobilizon : on approche des 20 000 € collectés ! Un grand merci pour votre soutien <3 <3 <3

Bon, on va réussir à le passer avant la fin du week-end, ce premier palier ?!


#joinmobilizon #mobilizon

Bitte an die Schwarmintelligenz. 🐝 Meldet bitte diesen Entwickler bei Mozilla, der haufenweise dubiose Add-ons für den Firefox anbietet.

Einfach kurz auf »Diesen Benutzer wegen Missbrauchs melden« klicken.

Hi everyone!

ForgeFed is a project aiming to define a protocol and a vocabulary for federation of project hosting and collaboration platforms (forges), and get it implemented in the existing forges such as GitLab CE, Gitea and so on.

Federation is based on ActivityPub with some tweaks and new vocabulary :)

I'm working on a demo, implementing federation in a forge called Vervis. Earlier today I deployed 2 test instances for this! More details and links soon :)


It's crazy to me how much more productive you are when you're genuinely excited about the work you're doing.

Anyone aware of good Google reCaptcha alternatives preferably with #WordPress plugin already? #privacy #captcha @switchingsocial

My blog is now available as a #tor #hiddenservice.

The main motivation is to protest law makers proposals to ban tor usage in Germany and to demonstrate that there are valid and legitimate uses for tor. We have a right to privacy and we have to defend it!


Thank you @torproject for providing the technology :)

Thank you to everyone who supported the project and spread the word.

I think 2019 will be the year of next generation fediverse projects like Anfora, Funkwhale, Go-Fed, PeerTube, Pixelfed, Plume, Prismo, Pterotype and WriteFreely. #activityPub #fediverse #federation

Implemented activity delivery for #ActivityPub-PHP! Just need to put in inbox forwarding and write tests for both and the library will have a complete AP implementation! Still lots of work to do after that, but I'm really excited to reach that milestone.

It does prove the usefulness of #federation that through all the #Matrix outage, my account was not affected at all. Most of the people I chat to are on other servers than the one affected.

Federate <3

If you were impacted by the #matrix outage please consider standing up a Synapse instance and help decentralize. I've been running one for a couple of weeks and it is stable, low-maintenance software so far.

#feneas taking over the operations of the #socialhub Discourse forum:…

@jaywink @mxb It's great to see this kind of collaboration and people helping out within the community! is joining!

@mbajur has done an amazing job running that forum, and I look forward to using it more for pixelfed in the future!

#feneas #socialhub

We have released v0.8.0!

Some highlights:

- Better federation support
- Mobile UI updates
- Faster timelines
- Lightbox full screen previews
- Cleaner carousels
- Help Center updates
- New landing page
- Improved APIs to support mobile apps like @tom79

and more! #pixelfed

Quelqu'un a de l'experience avec #BorgBackup vers du stockage en ligne, genre s3 ou autre ?

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