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Anyone here going to #FOSDEM and planning to attend #DNS devroom? We could use one more person for the "DNS #privacy" panel discussion, which will focus mostly on #DoH. Volunteers may apply.

In a crushing blow to digital rights, Australia has joined the UK in claiming the right to secretly compel tech companies to re-engineer software and hardware so it can be used to spy on their users.

Please, help #Nextcloud Social add NodeInfo: It'll help Fediverse stats hubs identify the newcomers and rejoice in our general growth and blossom πŸŽ‰ (servers that explicitly choose to be private won't be shown).

#Nextcloud 15 is here with many great improvements, especially in the area of real-time collaboration and with the fist version of the Social app based on #ActivityPub. Yes, we are joining the #fediverse! πŸ‘‹ Get it while it is hot...

honestly though, mastodon instances are run and moderated by real people who care about the network, to the point of often paying their own money out-of-pocket to run their instances.

the *one* time i've had to report a post, my instance admin messaged me directly to let me know the action taken about it.

don't be shy to report. it works here. the rules aren't there just to keep things advertiser-friendly.

welcome to mastodon. don't be a dick. hug your local mods/admins.

How learning works:
1️⃣ Read about new thing
2️⃣ Work on new thing
3️⃣ Be baffled why new thing does not work.
Occasionally there are additional steps:
4️⃣ Eureka
5️⃣ Wonder why you had trouble with the new thing because it all makes sense now.

My favorite step is 3️⃣

I get frustrated by things, but I really am privileged to be able to live a fairly magical life where I can work on the things I think are really important and which matter. Trying to use that to build things so that others can too.

I'm probably preaching to the choir here, but there absolutely _needs_ to be a federated version of GitHub/GitLab.

Let me host my projects' critical infrastructure (issue tracker, PRs, private repos etc) on my own servers, while also being able to interact and socialize with the rest of the open source world.

I'll keep saying this until someone builds it - I would do it myself if I had enough time on my hands right now.

In case you missed it, there's a non-technical explanation of federation/decentralisation on

It's aimed at people who have no prior knowledge. If you know someone who is confused by how a decentralised platform works (for example Mastodon compared to Twitter), you might want to send them this link.

#Decentralisation #Decentralization #Federation #FederatedNetworks #Fediverse

πŸš€ otp v1.3.0 released! πŸš€

A simple Ruby script for OTP 2 Factor Authentication management on your desktop.

I'm still very new to Ruby, so the code is so-so, would highly appreciate help to get it OOPed up, to add new (more complex) features in the future.

Next step: Import / Export to the most common mobile apps πŸ‘

@WagonStar The existence of the Power User implies the existence of the Space User, Time User, Soul User, Mind User and Reality User

Me: I'd like to trust this self signed certificate.

Firefox: No, that's insecure, user.

Me: I'm aware. I'm a big girl. Add the exception.

Firefox: No, please contact your administrator.

Me: Listen here you little #$@! I *am* the administrator. Add. The. Exception.

Firefox: I'm afraid I can't do that Val…

Me: *opens about:config*

Updates since launch

> A few months have passed with Feneas. Here is a small update on things we have been doing or are planning to do, including a financial statement.


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A simple little toot box that connects YY to the fediverse.